Genesis Performance is a team movement performance coaches who have been inspired by the human design. We dedicate our efforts in creating engaging loaded movement solutions so you may not only develop effective function in life and sport, but that you may enjoy movement the way you were designed.


Flow In Freedom

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Flow In Freedom is more than a saying, it’s a way of life for us. Our body, mind, and soul are always connected. Why should it be any different for health and fitness. The intent of Genesis Flow is to reveal the connection of our design through creativity, engagement, and community. Join our movement and help share the flow!

Creation of Motion by Design

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a natural style of training that combines resistance training and movement.


Athleticism -

Our 15 + years experience working with athletes will provide you with not only the training but the coaching to move and perform as the life athlete that you are.

Strength -

If your looking to get stronger, our knowledge of the body will not only get you traditionally strong but get you  whole body agile strong.

Health Coaching & Movement Training

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Flow -

Flow is a natural way to move. When we strength train with rhythm, timing, and we learn how to harness momentum we become effective and efficient movers.

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Whole Body Coordination

Mobility and Stability

Strength and Agility

Metabolic Conditioning

Brain Health