Creation of Motion by Design

Genesis Performance is a team movement performance coaches who have been inspired by the human design. We dedicate our efforts in creating engaging loaded movement solutions so you may not only develop effective function in life and sport, but that you may enjoy movement the way you were designed. 

Genesis Flow is more than an exercise... it’s creating motion by design! It engages the mind, it progresses the body, and it resonates with the soul!

Genesis Inspired to create motion

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Flow In Freedom

We are designed to create movement, we are designed to enjoy movement, and we are designed to let movement resonate with our soul. Experience the journey and let Genesis Flow resonate with you!  

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by Design

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Flow In Freedom is more than a saying, it’s a way of life for us. Our bodies and minds perform through our soul. This true and harmonic rhythmic connection to life is given to us through grace by God. We embrace His gift so we may enjoy the blessings of our lives with authentic fulfillment and confidence. Flow in movement, Flow in life, Flow In Freedom!

A Continuous and Seamless Sequence of Whole Body Loaded Movements done with Rhythm and Timing and Aim is to Keep Momentum Alive